Chapter 13 Guide

Chapter 13 – The Woman in the Storeroom

Mère Lessard spoke of him in alternate tones of adoration and disdain. One moment he was so pure and heroic that no man could ever live up to his memory, the next a feckless, irresponsible dreamer who should serve as an example of how far a man-turned-firebringer could fall from grace.

Murer the baker - Renoir-1877

Murer the Baker – Pierre August Renoir – 1877 (The Baker upon whom Pere Lessard is based.

He was running the bakery, going to school, taking his painting lessons at Monsieur Renoir’s studio around the corner—too much for just a boy

paul-study-1898Paul Pissarro – Camille Pissaro – 1898 (I thought this might be what Lucien would have looked like during the period that he was learning to paint.)

The two of them had their own little religion built around the artists on Montmartre—like the painters were a canon of saints.

Saint Monet of Le Havre,

self-portrait-with-a-beret-1886.jpg!LargeClaude Monet – self Portrait – Claude Monet – 1876

Saint Cezanne of Aix,

paul-cezanne-1880.jpg!LargePaul Cezanne – Pierre August Renoir – 1880

Saint Pissarro of Auvers,

self-portrait-1873Camille Pissaro – Self-Portrait – Camille Pissarro – 1873

Saint Renoir of Paris

self-portrait-1.jpg!Large1875Renoir- Self-portrait – Pierre August Renoir – 1875

It was too early for them to have gone down to Père Tanguy’s shop in Pigalle


Moulin Rouge and Place Pigalle in the Snow – Antoine Blanchard – 1906

“It was midwinter, and it had been snowing for two days. We could see smoke from Papa’s stove from the window and little more.

Gustave Caillebotte, Vue de toits (Effet de neige) 1878 med

View of Paris Roofs in the Snow – Gustave Callebotte – 1878


Paris in the Snow – Paul Gauguin – 1894

Cézanne and Pissarro pounded on the studio door but got no answer.


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  1. Today at the LA Art show, one of the galleries had works from 3 generations of Pissarros. Including a painting by Lucien.