Interlude in Blue #3 Guide

Interlude in Blue #3 – A Frog in Time


sm Dendrobates_azureus_(Dendrobates_tinctorius)_Edit

When I wrote the book I actually encountered a paragraph in a book on color that stated that blue pigment didn’t exist in any vertebrate. Problem is, I couldn’t find which book I’d found it in, so I wrote the Frog in Time interlude. Evidently, the “blueness” of this frog is caused by interference. Who knows? Oh well. At some point you have to stop researching and write, and at that point, you’re going to get some stuff wrong.


3 thoughts on “Interlude in Blue #3 Guide

  1. A friend of mine asks “What about the blue in the Mandril Baboon’s butt”? I too might ask such. As well this friend, who tends to be smarter than I am, points out that bull frogs have a blue pigment that is over-ridden by the green pigment. Occasionally however there are individual bullfrogs in which their green pigmentation is underdeveloped. These bullfrogs are, apparently, blue. No, I don’t have a source but a google search for “Blue Bullfrog” yields …. stuff.

  2. Don’t forget the blue Fugates of the Appalachian mountains, who were so inbred that their skin was blue. Let’s hear it for inbreeding!