Epilogue in Blue Guide

Epilogue in Blue: The There was Bleu, Cher


Not much left to say here.  Adieu! – Chris

Guy Looking at the The Starry Night – Vincent Van Gogh – 1889 – Arles

11 thoughts on “Epilogue in Blue Guide

  1. Your guide adds an extra dimension to your book I never imagined possible. Splendid! And all that about the color blue.

    I’m not sure… You can get the blues – but can you also be blue? When we Germans say that we are blue (blau sein), we mean that we are drunk.

    Interestingly, if the French are drunk, they call it being grey (être gris). And if they are very heavily drunk, the French are black (être noir).

    Well, that was about all I knew about color theory before reading your book…

  2. you should do this 4 all your books 🙂 I’d like to see your vampire research……

    • I’d love to, but it would take forever, and for some, like Love Nun, Coyote and Lamb, it would be exhaustive and would probably keep me from every finishing another book. Even since I finished this guide I’ve had about twenty updates I wanted to add but I didn’t want to mess up the app-builders.

      • Do the updates. Please. The app builders can catch up later with updates of their own. This site is the best thing since metal paint tubes.

      • Fantastic! First, but not the last of your books I will read! Love this site, thank you for the art history lessons. And you make me laugh. Recommending this to all my friends.

  3. Loved this guide! I had my phone next to me as I was reading to check the chapters online, then at the end called up the website to click through and make the pictures bigger. Really helped bring the story alive.

  4. Visiting Paris for the first time this week and am so happy I read your book first. It will add another dimension to my trip and I’m sure I will want to re-read the book after I come home. Thank you for the guide as it makes everything so much more vivid. I have loved all your books but Sacre Bleu had me laughing out loud over and over. Thank you, Thank you Author Guy

  5. Just finished your book and loved, loved, loved it! Thank you so much for including this chapter guide as well. You did a terrific job with setting the scenes and making the character humorous, sad and engaging. While reading the book, I re-watched Doctor Who’s episode, Vincent and The Doctor. Perfect! If you have not yet seen this, I believe you would enjoy it (even if you are not a Whovian).

  6. haha, Best thing since metal paint tubes, or batons of bread vs. mounds.
    I heartily second everyone see the ‘Vincent’ episode of Dr Who – if you have any love for his work – SEE it!
    Author, I think so long as this site served you, to get out those last facts, pics and stories, you’ve done it. … But boy, if only you’d do another book around this time and place – PLEASE consdier it!! You said there was more than one book’s worth…

  7. I saved a copy of each page, as I am heading to an island with no Internet tomorrow. I am so excited to start this book!
    Please, never stop writing. You ARE my favourite 🙂

  8. Wow. I have never read one of your books. I will find more. This was a great read, and a great blog. My only regret is not reading the back flap and learning about the blog until half way through the book. Well, not my only regret. I wish I had read it before visiting Paris…would have made for some interesting side trips. Next time I go, I will bring a copy with me. Thanks for the words, the story, the pictures.